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Gavaras, Gowri puthrulu, Gowriyulu or Gavara Naidu are one of the many small communities or caste of Andhra who live mostly in the north coastal districts. Large concentrations of Gavara population are distributed in and around Anakapalle in Visakhapatnam district. A few isolated villages in Vizianagaram, East Godavari and West Godavaridistricts are also inhabited by Gavaras. There is a significant population in Tamil Nadu as well. A large number of Gavara families from these villages migrated to other parts of India mainly as Railway employees and workers in Steel factories.

The prominent towns in other states with sizeable Gavara population are Jamshedpur/Tatanagar (Jharkhand) and Kharagpur (West Bengal). During British rule, Gavaras spread to Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji and South Africa. In more recent decades, educated Gavaras moved into higher jobs in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and abroad. Gavara population in the United States of America grew in leaps and bound in the 1990s onwards compared to a handful of families until the 1980s.

A similarly named Kavarai community is prominent in southern Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Although they share a common name and profession the Kavarai are related to the Balija Naidu community.Both the communities are not connected and there is very little social interaction between them.



  • According to some reachers of Andhra University, Gavaras are from Sri Lanka. They were refused by Sri Lanka later on, by the sea route they migrated and settled in Anakapalli near Visakhapatnam.

Gauri Devi

Some say that the community has come to be known as ‘Gauris’ or ‘Gaureyas’ because they worshipped ‘Gauridevi’, the consort of Lord Shiva, as their tutelary deity. We may trace out the antiquity of this worship of Gauri by Gauras to the practice of ‘Gaurivratha’ in the 13th century referenced in an inscription of the Matsyas of Oddadi. Gaurivrata is in practice even now among the women of the Gaura and Balija communities. The word ‘GAURA’ or ‘GAVARA’ means HONOUR. According to the book, Suka Saptati, Gauras formed a separate community with business as its profession.

Literary evidence

History of Gavras is a subject of study of many books. S. Pratap Reddi in his Andhrula Sanghika Charitra refers to the Gauras (Gavaras) as the community who migrated from Bengal in the 6th & 7th centuries. E. Thurston in his “Castes and Tribes of Southern India” considered Gauras as a sub-division among the Vaisyas and also complimented them as the best agriculturists of the area.

In a similar manner D. Adinarayana (1936) wrote an article entitled Gaura Kulobavamu tracing out the origin of the Gauras. Petakamsetty Sita Ramayya made a successful attempt to bring all the known facts about the early history of this community in his work entitled Gaurula Prachina Charitra (1961). Villuri Ramana surveyed surnames as well as the Gotras of Gavara. Karri Appala Narasimha Rao (1986) attempted to identify some of the early rulers of Andhra as Gauras in his work entitled Sri Satavahanuladrulu. Besides these, there are works like Balija Vamsa Puranamu, Gauriputra Charitramu, Balija Kula Charitra and Sadhusetti, which mention the details of the Gaura community too. All these works deserve credit for bringing out the historical and traditional accounts of the Gauras.


Inscriptions form an important source of information on the history of the Gavaras. A number of inscriptions issued between the 13th & 15th centuries A.D. at places like Panchdarlu, Draksharamam, Gudimetta, Tatikonda, Malkapuram, Kolakaluru, Kopparam and Srisailam offer much information about the services of the Dadi and Kanisetty families under the Kakatiya dynasty power. Similarly the copper plate records like the Narsipatnam plates of Vajrahasta Deva of the Eastern Gangas dated 1045 A.D. offer clues on ‘Gaurasetti Vishaya’, one of the early settlements of the Gauras in Andhra. The community is rarely mentioned in the literary works of early centuries. The only known work that mentioned the community is Suka Saptati written by Pala Vekari Kadiripati of the 17th century.

The inscriptions at Punganur and Nelapalli in Chittor district state about the early settlements of Gaura Settis in the in those areas even before the 10th century. On their way to Ahichchatra to Kanchipuram, they settled at various places in Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Notable People

    • Dr. Beesetti Venkata Satyavathi – MP, Anakapalli
    • Sri Pethakamsetty.G.V.R. NAIDU (GANA BABU) – MLA, Visakhapatnam West
    • Sri Adari Shyam Prasad – IAS, Jt Collecter GUNTUR Dist
    • Sri Dadi Nagendra Kumar IPS, IGP (Provisioning & Logistics), A.P (Retd.)
    • Sri Peela Govinda Satyanarayana – Ex. MLA, Anakapalli
    • Sri Buddha Venkanna – MLC, Vijayawada
    • Sri Konathala Rama Krishna – Political Leader; Ex. MP, MLA, Minister of Commercial Taxes
    • Sri Dadi Veera Bhadra Rao – Political Leader; Ex MLA, MLC
    • Sri Malla Vijaya Prasad – Ex. MLA, Film Producer
    • Sri Adari Tulasi Rao Chairman Visakha Diary
    • Sri Konatala Lakshminarayana Rao President Merchant Assn Anakapalli, Chairman Sri Gowri Kalyana vedika & Chief patron GAWARAWORLDWIDE organisation
    • Sri Prof Kanisetty Venkata Ramana – Former Vice-Chancellor AU
    • Sri Surisetti Kishore – District Magistrate & Collector Howrah, IAS officer
    • Sri Beesetti Lakshman Rao ( Cinema story writer & journalist)
    • Sri Pentakota Satyanarayana Superintendent of Police (Retired)
    • Sri Karri Venkateswara Rao IPS, IGP (Retd.)


  • Sri B.V.A.S. Naidu Industrialist & Corespondent The Adhinarayana Mahila College (Late)
  • Sri Molleti Appala Naidu garu ( Founder member of Sri Gowri Mahajana Sangam, Tata Nagar in the year 1932 and later renamed as Sri Gowri Yuvajana sangam in the year 1945)
  • Sri Polamarsetti Veera swamy Rangadu ( ex Govenor General Maurtis )
  • Sri Buddha Appala Naidu (Founder President of Sri Gowri Yuvajana sangam, Anakapalli in the year 1970 & Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi at Anakapalli )
  • Sri Villuri Venkata Ramana – Ex-MP
  • Sri Pentakota Rama Krishna ( Founder President , Gowri Sangam, Gajuvaka in the year 1990 )
  • Sri Saragadam(SRAS) Appala Naidu – Ex-MLA, Ex-MP, VUDA Ex-Chairman, Ex-Minister(A.P)
  • Sri Vegi Venketa Rao (Founder President of Sri Gowri Seva Sangam,Kharagpur in the year 1968)
  • Sri Pethakamsetty Appala Narasimham – Ex-MP
  • Sri S.R.A.S Appala Naidu ex Minister of A.P & founder President Sri Gowri Seva sangam Hyderabad in the year 1969
  • Sri Pentakota Venkata Ramana – Ex-MLA
  • Sri A.V.S.Naidu (Founder Promoter of Sri Gowri Co-operative Society Ltd. in the year 12.10.97)
  • Sri Bhessetti Appa Rao – freedom fighter & MLA
  • Sri Karri Ramana (Founder President of Sri Gowri Seva Sangam,Tuni in the year 1990)
  • Sri Tanakala Nageswara Rao – Political Leader;Ex-ZPTC,Korukonda,East Godavari
  • Sri Silparsetty Krishana Rao ( Founder President Retired Railway Employees Assn )
  • Sri Kandregula Jagannadha Rao – TDP Leader, Ex Sangam President, Vijayaramarajupeta, Near Chodavaram,Visakhapatnam Dist.
  • Sri Surisetti Venkata Sai Prasad, Son of late Surisetti Krishna Rao ( founder President GawaraWorldWide Organisation and founder President All india Gavara Railway Men’s Welfare Assn.
  • Sri Karri Surya Narayana Murthy – Ex Mandal President, Kirlampudi
  • Sri Yellapu Lakshmana Rao – Ex surpanch,Mandal President and ZPTC,Kirlampudi East Godavari
  • Sri Vegi Someswara Rao – Ex President PACS & MPCS ,Nagulapalle. Ex- Director Visakha Dairy. Ex-Director RECS,Kasimkota
  • Sri Rapeti Venkata Ramana Murthy – Ex PACS President, Kirlampudi
  • Sri Rapeti Vardhanamma – Ex Surpanch, Kirlampudi
  • Sri Karri Surya kumar – Ex Surpanch, Kirlampudi
  • Sri Malla Jagadiswara Rao – Ex State Committee Member, Employees Provident Fund, AP
  • Sri Konathala Jagannadha Rao Naidu (Jagan), Ex-Municipal Chairman, Akp.
  • ———————————
  • Sri Late. Peela Mallikarjuna Rao (Battala Satti), Actor – Comedian
  • Sri Rapeti Apparao (Jabardast fame), Actor – Comedian
  • Sri Raksha (Rani) Pentakota, Versatile Actress
  • Sri Peela Satyanarayan (Jabardast fame), Actor – Comedian
  • ———————————
  • Sri Dr. Pentakota Ramarao, D M & H O (Rtd) · Visakhapatnam (Working presently as RCO (Regional Coordinating Officer for APUSHCP, Region-I,Visakhapatnam for four districts.)
  • Sri Appala Raju Rapeti – Retd Government Principal
  • Sri Dadi Bogalingam Naidu – Ex-Muncipal Chairman
  • Sri Kandregula Atchiaha Naidu – Ex-Vice Muncipal Chairman
  • Sri Late Konathala Subramanyam – Legendary Jaggery merchant
  • Sri Koilada Prabhakar & Babu Rao – Producer/Director, Rama Vijetha Films.
  • Sri Malla Sumitra Rao – Ex CMO, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, New Mumbai
  • Sri Malla Appala Naidu – Social Worker, Founder – Ammaji Music College, Joint Director of Agriculture (Retd)
  • Sri Malla Manikyalu – Weight lifter-VPT, participated in Olympics
  • Sri Malla Samba Siva Rao – Ex-Muncipal Chairman
  • Sri Dr. Malla Venkat Apparao MS DLO – Head of ENT Hospital Vishakhapatnam
  • Sri Malla Venkata Ratnam Naidu Ex-Chairman Co-Op Sugar factory Tummapala
  • Sri Prof Dr. Bheesetty Naganna – Doctorate in Science (D.Sc.) Biochemistry, Andhra University
  • Sri Prof Madeti Rama Swamy Naidu – Dean of Student Affairs, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh
  • Sri Dr. Sadaram Sanjeeva Rao, MD.(BIO) – Professor & Head, Biochemistry Depapartment, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam.
  • Sri Dr.Petakamsetty Lakshmi- Phd in phyto Chemistry from Andhra University
  • Sri Vegi Suri Appa Rao – District Judge/Law Secretary of Andhra Pradesh
  • Sri Dr.Buddha Rama Chandra Rao-Head of the Department,Dental Surgery,K G Hospital,Visakhapatnam.
  • Sri Koidala Appa Rao-one of the best former in bhogapuram,chodavaram mandal,anakapalli.
  • Sri Sadaram Ramu Naidu, Parameswari Picture Palace, Visakhapatnam.
  • Sri Kandregula Surya Satyanarayana, Drugs Inspector, Visakhapatnam
  • Sri Dr. Saragadam Adi Narayana(Late), Head of dept. of Chemistry, AMAL College, Anakapalle
  • Sri Prof. Karri V Ramana, Head of dept. of Chemistry (Retd), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
  • Sri Dr. Saragadam Nooka Raju, Reader, Dept. of Chemistry, AMAL College, Anakapalle
  • Sri Dr. M R Govindaswamy Naidu, First Doctor from Srivilliputhur, Rajapalayam Taluks of the early 1920s. Fmr. Resident Medical Officer, Stanley Medical College Hospital.
  • Sri Bubri G Narayanaswamy Naidu, Former Councillor & Naidu Sangam Head, Srivilliputhur.
  • Sri S Thirupathy, Retd. Senior most Principal District & Sessions Judge, Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Y L S K Soundarya, first bank probationary officer, Visakhapatnam
  • Sri Puratchi Kalaignar Vijayakanth, Tamil Nadu Opposition Party Leader, DMDK Founder & Actor, Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Dr. Chadaram Sivaji, Counsellor Science And Technology at Embassy of India, Tokyo,Japan (Hailed from Nagulapalli,Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh).
  • Sri Mr.Nallama naidu, Retired superindent of police,Theni,Tamil Nadu
  • Sri Mr.R.D.Ganesan, EX member of legislative assembly,AIADMK,Theni,Tamil Nadu
  • Sri MR.C.G.Varadarajan,Msc.,(ag) First collector PA (Agri) Erode, Additional director of agriculture,Coimbatore.

Surnames and Gotrams

Surname – Gotram

  • Adari – Munikula
  • Athikamsetty – nagendra
  • Aitamsetti – Vajraudham
  • Alla – Sowsheelya
  • Badisetti – Bhardwaja
  • Bheemarasetti – Sootra
  • Bheesetti – Sootra
  • Bhimisetti – Sootra
  • Bheemisetty – Sutha
  • Boddeti(Boddeda) – Suwarna
  • Buddha – Haripathi
  • Chadaram (Sadaram) – Sudharshana
  • Dadi – Janakula
  • Doddi – Aparna
  • Kalla – Mauktika
  • Kandregula – Soutrika
  • Kanisetti – Shrungara
  • Karri – Narella
  • Koilada – Supratishta
  • Kodali – Supratishta
  • Konathala – Sujnana
  • Koribilli – Thardhya
  • Maddala – Shathasosha
  • Madeti – Manjula
  • Malla – Midhunakula
  • Marisetti – Srishaila
  • Molleti – Sowjanya
  • Peela – Janardhana
  • Pentakota – Nausya
  • Pethakamsetti – Vrushabha
  • Pilla – Mangala
  • Polamarasetti – Prudukula
  • Polimera – Dhannulla
  • Rajagiri – Prapradhama
  • Rapetti – Veginati
  • Saragadam(sarakanam,sarakam) – Panchajanya
  • Sarisa – Pradyumna
  • Silaparasetti – Marithi
  • Surisetti – Inakula
  • Tanakala – Gopraja
  • Tekkali – Dhanikula
  • Ulluri(villuri) – mardhiva
  • Vodisetti – Prdhumna
  • Vegi – Kashmira
  • Velaga – Mardhava
  • Yellapu – Pydipala

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