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      dear gavaras,

      i am currently doing a bit of genealogy research, and i would appreciate it if you could provide me with some information (if possible) regarding gavara history and places in visakhapatnam. my great-grandparents and some of their parents came to south africa (or rather, the colony of natal) from 1889 until 1907, so it is unlikely that you will know of them, even if they were your distant relations 🙂 however, maybe you know a little gavara history or perhaps you know something about place names in the visakhapatnam area . anyway, i would be really grateful if you could help. i need help with the following:

      1. gujja – do you know of the surname gujja being used by gavaras in a village called thotada? or, do you know which jati this surname belongs to, in the visakhapatnam area?
      2. chondavadu – two of my great-grandparents were from a village called chondavadu, the closest town was chodavaram. i have not been able to find a village of this name in visakhapatnam, although there are a few chowduvadas. do you know whether there was a village in visakhapatnam called chondavadu (not chowduvada) in the early 1900s?
      3. aranapalem/aravapalem/asavapalem – does anybody know of a village with one of these names or a similar sounding name in the visakhapatnam area? this village was near a place called chiakapally (the spelling is probably wrong), and also close to anakapalle. there were a lot of yellapus in this village.

      many thanks in advance to all those who reply 🙂

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