Monsoon munchies ☔ recipe contest & more 🤤

The true foodie knows which foods to enjoy in what season. While summers and winters have their own food moments, monsoons bring with them a food mood very special to the heart. In this issue, we welcome the rains and talk about how best to enjoy them.


There’s something magical about watching it pour cats and dogs outside while enjoying a hot beverage with some tasty titbits on the side. It’s one of life’s little joys that we all look forward to. Here are some snack recipes to try the next time it rains!


With it raining outside and water everywhere, it becomes harder to remember to stay hydrated. This is crucial during monsoons when atmospheric humidity runs high. But you needn’t gulp down water when you aren’t thirsty! Instead, stay hydrated with these yum monsoon-friendly drinks. Recipes below!


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This is Satya native of Anakapalli and currently working as Project Lead in INFOSYS, Hyderabad, INDIA.
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