Legends: lLate Sri V.V.Ramana EX MP of Rajya sabha

The legendary leader of our Visakha Dt  Late Sri V.V.Ramana  EX MP of Rajya Sabha for twice in those days the prime and bonafide disciple of late Prof NG Ranga ,the national legendary farmer leader and vetaran freedom fighter and founder member of Swathanthra Party and  the beloved son deemed to be and prime disciple of late Sardha Gouthu Latchanna.Volumes I can speak about the great and god father of not only our community but also all communities may be Vysyas,Velamas ,OCs etc., One great Velama leader ExMLA by Vechalam Palavilli said to us once when our Utthara Andhra team called upon him at his residence,” The great prestigious and leader of self respect and originality like late V.V.Ramana was never born in Visakha Dt.and would never be born”We can never forget such noble soul.

In this connection,we remember certain exemplary facts that we must be grateful to late Sardar Gouthu Latchanna,Vetaran freedom fighter,Ex Minister and god father of AP BC for his political elevation as well as late Bheesetti Appa Rao, vetaran freedom fighter and EX MLA,Bose follower.Bheesetti Rao introduced VV Ramana to Gouthu Latchanna when he was Vice President of Visakha Shipyard Trade union while Gouthu Latchanna was President.Only with support of Latchanna,VVRjee could be nominated Rajya sabha for twice setting aside political strategy of NG Ranga. Another wonderful fact to say that Latchanna brought orders of Central Railway Board Chairman Cabinet status from Delhi straightaway to Anakapalli during Janatha regime but it was unfortunately he was no more.VVR jee is only main protogonist for incorporation of our gavara community in BC list.
I too worked as PA to Sardarjee in those days with introduction through  VV Ramana Murthy the present Editor and MD of leader news paper to whom I am very much grateful and also closely associated with late  Bheesetti Appa Rao garu at his last days.I have many experiences with Sardarjee to remember many things.I am happy and unhappy to chew the cud of such noble souls whom we can ever be gratitude. My heartfelt offer of prayer to the great soul is furnished.
It is my appeal to all our youth to emulate their noble ideas and lives to be the man but a man.I too worked with RSS crew in ground work during emergency as an indirect follower of Lok nayak Jaya Prakash Narayana,led many BC movements such as Pro Mandal and Murali dhar recommendations implementations and OBC certificates, Puttiswamy Commissions, Subrahmanyam Commission and Manjunath etc.,on model of late Sardarjee and late VVRjee. I tried to be lined with their legacy but fed up with present trend of politics and NGOs. Only sending representations through mails responding to any social issues in isolation life.vI too assumed many designations of my professional organisation right from Dt to level and acting as a state advisor. 
– Kandregula Sarveswara Rao Retiree,JL/Eng, APSWREIS,Mandal Veera awardee,Ex PA to late Sardar Gouthu Latchanna,Vetaran freedom fighter and Ex Minister,God father of APBC.


This is Satya native of Anakapalli and currently working as Project Lead in INFOSYS, Hyderabad, INDIA.
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